Unbinding the Spells

Why is it so difficult to find the words? I keep searching for that Abracadabra phase that I can use to break people out of the spell of stupefication that holds sway over them.

I’ve done my best to present the “Science” but to no avail. I’ve learned that in today’s world the term — science — is just a stand in to identify religious factions. How did that happen? The science that I grew up with was skeptical and critical, aimed at expanding the horizons of knowledge. Today’s science demands compliance and shuns those who question the consensus.

I can see how it happened — this whole corona virus thing was thrown at the world with such force and speed. There are daily twists and complications thrown into the story being told. When you can’t understand it, it becomes magic. Magic that is controlled by authorities becomes religion.

We humans seem more committed to our religious dogma than we are the search for truth. Throw in the right measure of fear to season the authoritarian mandates and the veil of ignorance becomes a wall of concrete.

So here we find ourselves, in this modern world of medieval dogma. The fear of SARS-CoV2 burning our communities to the ground led us, instead, to voluntarily shut down nearly all the activities that make us human and enrich our lives. We have become what we feared — a mere husk of the society we once were.

So, back to my search for the potion to craft, the pictures to draw, the words to say to help tear down that concrete wall. Consider this, dear readers: you are told that the feared viral particles spread to you either through the air or off of surfaces. One mask, two masks, three masks, four. Regardless, “unfiltered” air passes around gaps in the coverings over people’s faces. Undoubtedly, those coverings capture infectious particles which survive — hours to days on the fabric. Once that covering is touched or placed on another surface the particles are on the move. We are swimming in a sea of what we are told is infectious particles. You CANNOT avoid contact with them. Instead, why not face that perceived threat?

Consider that, through the course of human history, we have and always will swim in that unfiltered, unsanitized sea. Hiding from what you are surrounded by is a futile effort. What you can do is strengthen both your personal as well as community health. A critical element of that is to interact with those around you. Play, hug, talk, love. Those are things that improve the quality of life. Funny thing is that they also improve the quantity of life. The self-destructive masked and muted path that we currently are on does quite the opposite.